The short version:
Brittany Murray is a multidisciplinary art director and content creator based in Brooklyn, NY.

The subway ride version:

I always knew that I was meant to do something that would allow my creativity to roam free—somewhere that it could live with the Wild Things (I was also a huge Maurice Sendak fan, if you haven’t read it I suggest this version. You’re welcome! )I’ve always seen the world through technicolor lenses and found beauty in the eccentric—which I attribute to my curious nature to explore new things.

I have a background in fashion, which eventually led me to NYC after college. During my time here I dabbled in the magazine industry, interned alongside a designer during NYFW, and freelanced as an assistant stylist, working with clients like Lord & Taylor, Lafayette 148 and Seventeen Magazine.  After my time in fashion, I worked for a Shopper Marketing agency as a digital strategist/art director and later for the holding company of over a dozen agencies.

Currently working in the flower industry. :)

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